What does 'low altitude' aerials mean? What kind of technology and equipment is used? Why is it different from traditional aerial photography? What about privacy concerns?

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About HawkEye Aerials

HawkEye Aerials is an owner/operator business in Kelseyville, California devoted to providing low-altitude aerial photo and video services to businesses and the general public in the surrounding area, including Lake, Sonoma and Napa Counties.

Our services can be used for real estate sales, to showcase homes, ranches and estates for private owners, surveys of construction sites and forestland, and many other purposes where a stunningly unique perspective is required from photographs or video.

Insurance coverage is an important consideration when choosing an aerial photography business to work with you and your clients, and HawkEye Aerials is fully insured for commercial UAV photography operations.



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Below are examples of videos done from the air.
Click here for a photo album of still photographs.

Don't miss seeing this example of how low-altitude aerials and HDR photography can work together to yield a truly compelling presentation. HawkEye Aerials is a single-source for both of these new imaging technologies, so watch the video and see what it's like. Now called the "The Clear Lake Bed and Breakfast," this property is being sold as either a home or a business.

Secluded in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountain range is this expansive home overlooking the Sacramento Valley. The entire property is nothing less than gorgeous, and one of the best subjects for HDR (High Dynamic Range) together with low-altitude aerials that you can imagine. Don't leave without watching this five minute journey through the exterior and interior of this home through dramatic aerial vistas and vivid interior images.

This home is located in the famed Napa Valley wine country, with it's view looking out over a wide vista of vineyard and beautiful open countryside. The video shows how a combination of low altitude-aerial and interior videography can showcase a home or property from all perspectives. Note the camera-in-motion tour of the inside of the home which is the next best thing to a walk through in person to see the layout of the house and it's amenities.

Ranches and homes located on large properties are ideal subjects for aerial video. With the ability to video from on high, the entirety of the property can be taken in from different viewpoints and showcase relationships between important areas that would otherwise be difficult, or impossible to bring together in any other way. This Northern California home and horse ranch is an entertaining example of aerials and interior HDR photography combined.

This is another elegant home, perched high on Mt.Konocti in Lake County, California. This property has a magnificent view from the deck that is fully emphasized with low-altitude arials. Again, the aerials are a perfect companion for the colorful and seductive HDR photographic treatment of the home's interior.

Aerial videography is just about the only way to really show off this expanse of property. Three hundred acres of trees and meadows in the rolling hillsides near Clear Lake, California also includes over one mile of creekbed and a large pond. The property also includes a border with the BLM Cow Mountain recreational area for extra access to the great outdoors.


This video is a complete production that, scripted and with a voiceover narration. View this as an example of what can be done with a mix of aerial and ground videography woven together into a total presentation.

There are numerous aerial clips in this video shot from a full size helicopter over a period of days. Today, these shots could be done much better at a fraction of the cost with the new low-altitude aerial platforms being used by HawkEye Aerials.


Click here for examples of our HDR (High Dynamic Range) interior photography and low-altitude aerials

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